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Flag Care

About your new flag

Thank you for purchasing your new flag from Your new flag is made to the highest standards and exceed US Government specifications. Please take the time to read these notes to get the best service from your flag.

 High Winds

Please do not expose the flag to strong winds and avoid rain and inclement weather if at all possible. Your flag will last considerably much longer if you are able to do this and take it down at night as well. Remember it is only made of fabric.

 Caring for your flag

1) Do not store the flag if it is wet, allow it to dry fully.

2) Check your flag for signs of wear or damage regularly.  We do offer a repair service for a small fee. Please call us if you need advice or cost. 

3) If your flag is dirty you can hand wash it in cold water with mild soap. Allow it to air dry or tumble dry cool.

4) Do not allow the flag to whip against rough surfaces, branches, or anything that it can snag on. Keep the pole clean and avoid any sharp or rough edges.

 How long should a flag last?

There is no exact answer to this. Larger flags have a shorter life than smaller ones as they are exposed to higher wind speeds, and the fly ends have a higher whiplash effect. Our polyester flags generally last about 50% longer than nylon. Both materials, however, are made to be flown outdoors and are excellent choices. Cotton is not recommended for outdoor use for long periods of time.

 Flags 10 x 15 and larger

Larger flags will need to be checked for wear at least twice a month. Consider having two flags, as life is prolonged by "resting" one flag while the other is flying. This also permits one flag to be repaired or cleaned when needed.

 Height of flagpole

 What size of flag do you need? Normally you should aim for the length of the flag being one third to one quarter of the height of the pole. Remember, a 6ft x 10ft flag will hang down almost 12ft

Height of flagpole

Minimum size

Maximum size


2.5ft x 4ft

4ft x 6ft

20 ft

3ft x 5ft

5ft x 8ft

25 ft

3ft x 5ft

5ft x 8ft

30 ft

4ft x 6ft

6ft x 10ft

40 ft

5ft x 8ft

8ft x 12ft

50 ft

6ft x 10ft

10ft x 15ft

60 ft

8ft x 12ft

12ft x 18ft

70 ft

10ft x 15ft

15ft x 25ft

80 ft

10ft x 19ft

20ft x 30ft

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